Tackling Imposter Syndrome

We had a great session and a packed house at the Missouri Women’s Business Center Keys to Success Series!

Dr. Rahhal did a workshop focusing on how implicit bias shapes imposter syndrome- yes they are related! Contact us now to have this unique session at your next team meeting.

Jamie Crockett did a great job summarizing the workshop so check out her video below!

Junior Leadership Columbia

We had a great time doing our famous “Can you Tie a Knot?” team building activity with the new Junior Leadership Columbia Cohort! This is a unique program with the Columbia Chamber of Commerce for high school sophomores that focuses on developing the next future community leaders. It was wonderful to take part in kicking off their 9-month program on Monday evening!  To top it off the great weather let us take it outside!


Join us at the Missouri Women’s Business Center on Sept 7!

As you are gearing up for the Fall, block off some time to focus on your professional development and discover the leader in you!

Join us on Sept 7 at 8:30 am at the MoWBC in Columbia, MO for a great workshop focusing on Imposter Syndrome! Many people do not know what this is, yet they feel it every day.  It is common in overachievers, minorities, and women. You are not alone!

Join us to learn more about Imposter Syndrome, figure out how to control it and ways to start overcoming it!

Impostor Syndrome-Talk 3 MoWBC
See you on the 7th! Register in advance to secure your spot!

Ending the week at The BOLD Academy in Columbia,MO!

We had the pleasure of  partnering with the BOLD Academy to bring a leadership and team building activity to the participants!  The Black + Brown Opportunity, Leadership & Development Academy is a free week-long experience for girls ages 12-17. The academy is made up of numerous enrichment opportunities for the participants.

BOLD Testimonial

We wanted to engage the girls in a hands-on afternoon activity that had them work as a team to accomplish a goal, unknowing to them (at first) they were developing their leadership skills. At the end we highlighted different characteristics of leaders and how to achieve one’s goals.

The girls had wonderful questions for Dr. Rahhal about her career in the sciences and at Mizzou. They really enjoyed the activity and were very engaged throughout!


Alliance was happy to be a part of their BOLD experience and looks forward to taking part in the upcoming years!

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Starting the week in Nashville!

This has been a wonderful week for our team at Alliance! We started off in Nashville, TN for the Annual American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy where our team leader, Dr. Rahhal, presented her work on integrating Cross-Cultural Leadership training into Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science programs across the nation.

Dr. Rahhal started this initiative during her time at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is working with them to take it nationally. She has partnered with Auburn, Univ. of Minnesota, and is looking to expand to Houston, South Dakota, and Tennessee.  It was a great conference and presentation!

Intercultural Competence Assessments

We are happy to announce that our team Leader, Dr. Rahhal, is now a certified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) qualified administrator. Utilizing the IDI assessment tool, we can work with teams to determine where each individual is on the intercultural competence continuum, as well as where the group is at, in order to discuss and design approaches to working towards more intercultural competence within your organization. This would be the first step to creating a team that is equipped to work and be inclusive in today’s diverse world.

IDI Inclusivity.png

Contact us today to learn more about this great opportunity!

A little more about IDI :

Taking part in LeaderCast CoMo

On May 5th, the annual broadcast of LeaderCast took place in Columbia,MO, hosted by the great CoMoLeaders Team! The sessions were wonderful, from tips on being fearless by Molly Fletcher, to the tricks of storytelling by Donald Miller. We learned a lot and took home an array of new skills.

Our team leader, Dr. Rahhal, was a breakout session speaker. She brought a twist to understanding leadership, literally and figuratively, with a hands-on workshop! The participants had a wonderful time. Check out the pictures below and contact us to bring a session to your team!

“Managing” Diversity

It has been a while since we posted, and it is already February! I stumbled upon this article recently and while it is a lengthy read, it is very interesting! It dives into why the answer to “Why we should care about Diversity?” is no longer “it is the right thing to do” but instead it is that there is an increase in organizational efficiency in diverse and inclusive companies and teams. This article goes thru numerous examples of companies, but it also points out the numerous approaches used including the learning-and-effectiveness paradigm which provides a new way to learn from current diversity efforts to enhance initiatives. Check out the article in the Harvard Business Review, it is a great read!

Making Differences Matter: A New Paradigm for Managing Diversity  

by David Thomas and Robin Ely

In the spirit of the Holidays, we wanted to share some photos of our Recent Event at NC State University

Our Team Leader, Dr. Tojan Rahhal, returned to her Alma Mater to share her journey as an undergraduate in STEM leading up to her PhD. She spoke to the current IMSD undergrads at their holiday potluck. Her talk was filled with advice for the current IMSD undergrads. Dr. Rahhal will return in the spring to conduct the Understanding the Leader in You workshop for the studetns.

IMSD is a great NIH funded program, focusing on bringing diversity to the behavioral and biomedical sciences via research opportunities. If you are a student or advisor in IMSD, and would like Alliance to do workshops with your program, Contact Us now and ask about our IMSD Discount!

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